Spotify makes a number of announcements, Netflix is ​​introducing an intriguing new feature, and Clubhouse is facing security concerns. This is your daily crisis for February 22nd, 2021.

The big story: Spotify announces a high-end subscription

Spotify listeners will have the option to pay for higher quality audio when the streaming service launches a new tier of “CD quality lossless audio”. The price and launch date have yet to be announced, but Spotify HiFi won’t surprisingly cost more than Spotify Premium and marketed as a premium add-on.

This was probably the biggest news Spotify made at today’s Stream On event, which also featured an artist audience development tool, an audio ad marketplace, another international expansion, a podcast by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen and another announced they were testing paid podcast subscriptions.

The technology giants

Netflix launches “Downloads for You,” a new feature that automatically downloads content …

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