S’porean student who didn’t have internet access at home shares how he developed Pa…


“I’ve always been a curious guy since I was young. I’ve always wondered how things work,” Aqil Hidayat, a cloud solutions engineer at tech company Pointstar, told me in our Zoom interview.

That even includes visiting the Public and Utilities Board (PUB) website to find out the “simplest things,” like where the water in the faucet is coming from, he said.

Such a search is emblematic of how Aqil spent his time in LAN stores since his family was not wealthy and had no internet connection at home.

He said, “There were a lot of things I just didn’t get to experience, like my own WiFi.”

LAN stores were therefore the place where “all my questions were answered for me,” Aqil said.

This includes cloud computing.

The engineer pointed to 2008 as the moment when cloud computing began to gain traction and catch his attention, when Amazon launched the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

As a result of his research into cloud computing, his interest…

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