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Although the Facebook Messenger Entry into personal finance is not new, I never managed to think of it as a payment platform. It’s more of an inbox that aunts, uncles, and friends come from High school blast with messages after not posting on Facebook in a while. But now it’s getting clearer and clearer the delivery boy will be happy to handle my money if I allow it.

The Facebook Messenger team gave a little taste of his New “Split payments “ Function in a News announcement on Friday. It is basically a way of organizing and paying for joint expenses with you Friends, roommates, work colleagues, or anyone you share bills with. Similar to apps like Divided, Split Payments allows you to create a joint expense, split the invoice evenly, or change the contribution to suit each person. You also have the option to include or exclude yourself from the costs.

Once all the information is in the app, you can send a request in Messenger to the people you need to pay and receive the payment via Facebook payment (the corporate version of Venmo), and transfer it to your bank account.

“If you’re having trouble sharing (and getting paid for) group meals, shared household expenses, or even monthly rent, it will soon be easier,” the Facebook Messenger team said in the news release.

The company didn’t go into much detail about split payments. It appears from the promotional image provided that it is designed for use in Messenger group chats. Person to Person Payments are already possible by Facebook Pay in Messenger, but it is not clear whether in these cases payment splitting functions such as B. the even distribution of the bill, are available.

I’m not going to lie to facebooks, or should i say metas, track records on it privacy, Data mining, and … well, everything else doesn’t exactly inspire me to give Messenger my credit card information. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, Messenger just isn’t that positioned in my brain. Sure, it’s very obvious that I’m trusting him with my money, but I have other apps for that. Safer with multi-factor authentication and great customer service.

Messenger starts the test Split payments next week for users in the US The feature is offered free of charge. No information was provided on when the feature will be rolled out to everyone in the US or whether it will roll out internationally.

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