• According to analysts, Amazon Web Services and Alibaba Cloud will compete against each other in Southeast Asia.
  • Indonesia and Malaysia have the highest growth in cloud spending in the world.
  • AWS and Alibaba are working to open additional cloud data centers in the region.
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Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia and Malaysia – will be the “next big battlefield”, according to an analyst, where the clouds of Amazon and Alibaba will compete.

The battle is likely to be fierce, Gartner senior analyst Raj Bala told Insider. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba announced a massive $ 28 billion investment in its cloud last year and has had a data center in Indonesia since 2018. Amazon Web Services is now also setting up a cloud region there.

“AWS entering this market will no doubt be very competitive,” Bala told Insider. “It is the largest market in this part of the world outside of China, the market …

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