Sony’s new line of Bravia XR televisions According to the company, customers can watch and stream films in the highest quality in the consumer market via the new Bravia Core platform.

Bravia XR owners can choose from a range of Sony Pictures titles and watch them using Sony’s “Pure Stream” technology, which Sony claims achieves near-lossless, ultra-high-definition Blu-ray Disc quality. Pure Stream also enables streaming of up to 80 megabits per second. For comparison, most streaming services recommend maintaining internet speed between 15 and 25 megabits per second to get the right 4K Ultra HD streaming quality. If Sony’s numbers are correct, that’s better than many of the competition.

The platform is pre-installed on all new Bravia XR models (MASTER series Z9J 8K LED, MASTER series A90J and A80J OLED as well as X95J and X90J 4K LED) and effectively uses a voucher system. Depending on which model someone buys, they will receive a number of credits. These credits can be redeemed for a number of new titles. It’s unclear if people can keep these titles after using the credits to buy them, however The edge asked Sony for more information.

The streaming page on the Sony website states that customers can stream a range of tracks “anytime, as often as they want, in up to 4K HDR quality,” but again there are limits. The streaming availability periods depend on the Bravia XR model purchased.

Bravia Core is not going to replace Netflix, but it seems it was specifically designed to show customers the ultimate capabilities of their new TV. A bit like buying a TV with true 4K HDR capabilities and playing the best 4K YouTube channels to see the difference between your new device and the old clunker you just threw. Bravia XR televisions also have “the largest IMAX enhanced movie collection,” according to Sony. However, it is unclear exactly how many films work.

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