Sony has just announced that it will soon start selling its new line of modular displays. These displays can be used to create digital film sets. This is similar to the technology used to create the popular Star Wars series. The Mandalorian.

According to an official announcement from Sony (Via TheVerge) the company will start selling its Mandalorian and virtual set displays. The technology is similar to the digital sets used to create The Mandalorian by Industrial Light & Magic and Epic Games. These displays are part of the company’s Crystal LED line, which comes in the form of modular panels with MicroLEDs. Simply put, the modularity allows these displays to be stacked into a single giant display using only a number of panels and a controller. This helps to create virtual sets from displays only.

Earlier this week Sony announced new modular displays that are part of the latest B-Series. The new panels will be marketed for film production and have an anti-reflective coating. They’re also quite bright. These displays can go up and work at around 1,800 nits, which is even higher than the 1,600 nits of the Apple Pro Display XDR. This high brightness gives film studios another benefit as it can add more realism to the set as the brightness helps in creating light that gives the impression that the actors are actually in the background scene.


According to Sony, the new displays are also suitable for high frame rates and 3D. This also offers a greater degree of flexibility. The company intends to bring the new modular displays to market by “summer”. However, an official price tag has yet to be announced. Given that these are professional products, we can assume that an average consumer may not even consider buying these products due to exorbitant prices.

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