The French company Qobuz – pronounced Ko-Buzz – was founded in the USA in 2019. The emphasis is more on sound quality than the breadth of its catalog.

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Music streaming service Qobuz is the first high-definition streaming service on Sonos that enables users of the service to stream higher quality music on compatible devices Sonos speakers. Qobuz is a competitor of tide and Amazon Music HDthat also provide high-resolution files, and yet Tidal has not yet enabled 24-bit on Sonos.

“For many years, Hi-Res audio was only available to a select few who knew where to get it and how to play it,” Dan Mackta, managing director of Qobuz USA, told CNET in a statement. “Now millions of people already have the hardware in their homes – and accessing the source has never been easier than Hi-Res streaming with Qobuz on Sonos.”

The Sonos S2 operating system Users can play 24-bit FLAC Files from their local drives when they launched in late 2020. However, this is the first time users have been able to stream high resolution files.

Hi-Res support promises better sound, but with small wireless speakers like that Sonos One and the new one Sonos RoamThe main benefit is compatibility rather than sound quality. If Sonos users can play 24-bit files, they may have access to more music than before. For example, every professional digital studio records 24-bit, although most files are converted to 16-bit for CD and streaming. If Sonos hadn’t previously supported a 24-bit file, it just wouldn’t play at all.

Last year Sonos ended updates for older devices In order to enforce the S2 changes and while older products are still working, they are not getting the latest features.

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