Online Safety SonicWall has asked customers to patch their company securely VPN Hardware to avoid a “threatening” Ransomware Campaign with stolen credentials. “

This week the Company made a notice Customers who do not take appropriate measures to mitigate these vulnerabilities on their SRA and SMA 100 series products could be at risk of attack.

The products in question are products running unpatched and End-of-Life (EOL) 8.x firmware. According to SonicWall, researchers at security firm Mandiant have informed SonicWall that threat actors are actively targeting models that are no longer supported.

“SonicWall PSIRT strongly encourages companies still using 8.x firmware to review the following information and take immediate action,” said the company.

The attacks have been taking place since at least June when the cybersecurity company Crowdstrikestr warned that attacks on devices were ongoing.

“CrowdStrike Services incident response teams identified eCrime actors who …

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