Security hardware manufacturer SonicWall has issued an urgent security advisory against threat actors who are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in their VPN products to attack their internal systems.

SonicWall is a well-known manufacturer of hardware firewall devices, VPN gateways and network security solutions, whose products are widely used by SMBs and large companies.

On Friday evening, SonicWall posted an “urgent notice” that hackers were exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in their Secure Mobile Access (SMA) VPN device and its NetExtender VPN client in a “sophisticated” attack on their internal systems.

“Recently, SonicWall identified a coordinated attack on its internal systems by sophisticated threat actors who were exploiting likely zero-day vulnerabilities in certain SonicWall secure remote access products,” said SonicWall Security notice released late Friday night.

SonicWall states that the affected products:

  • NetExtender VPN Client Version …

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