Taiwanese still choose to use free VPNs Hong Kong knows its true price

LONDON, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest research from NordVPN showed that residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan have a very good knowledge of VPN products. In fact, only 22% of Hong Kong Residents could not name a VPN brand. Similar numbers can be observed in Taiwanwith 36% of respondents unable to identify a brand.

However, there are certain differences in usage. In Taiwanfree VPNs are nearly twice as popular as paid ones while people in Hong Kong Choose mostly paid VPN options.

“It’s always best to go Premium if you want the best quality available. While the option of a free VPN is tempting, you have to remember that a service has to make money somehow. When the service is free, your data is usually the price you pay for it,” Daniel Markussona cybersecurity expert NordVPNsays.

41% of Taiwanese choose free VPNs to access restricted content

Hong Kong Residents will use a VPN primarily for security reasons…

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