One of the challenges of outdoor surveillance is getting power to your camera. It is usually not possible to run an electrical cable to a camera near your roof, which means that you will have to rely on batteries. The problem is that the batteries need to be recharged, which means a ladder is broken regularly a few times a year.

With its Wi-Fi surveillance camera model S600 (here in V3 design), Soliom offers a classic solution: solar energy. While this is a good answer to the battery problem, it poses a few other challenges that need to be considered.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the Best Home Security Cameras, which includes reviews of what the competition is offering, as well as a guide for buyers on the features to consider when purchasing these types of products.

First, let’s talk about hardware. Depending on the equipment, the 1080p camera is loaded, starting with a point-tilt-zoom motor that allows you to rotate the camera 320 degrees if necessary …

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