– Good news to kick off the weekend: The world can watch Charlie Davies-Carr over and over again using his big brother Harry as a teether. The siblings are the stars of “Charlie bit my finger,” It is reportedly one of YouTube’s most viral videos, auctioned off as a non-fungible token (NFT) on Sunday for more than $ 760,000 CNN. The terms of the contract indicated that the new owner would retain sole rights to the video, which was viewed more than 885 million times, and that it would be ripped off YouTube for good. Now Kim Lyons is writing for them Verge that “Charlie bit us all” – which means that the new owner of the 55-second clip decided to keep it on the video platform. “The buyer felt that the video was an important part of popular culture and shouldn’t be taken down,” says Howard Davies-Carr, father of the two boys quartz.

He adds, “It will now be on YouTube so the masses can keep enjoying it and remembered as an NFT on the blockchain.” By the way, this buyer is only known under the name 3fmusic and is considered a music studio in Dubai. Davis-Carr says proceeds from the auction will go towards the boys’ college fund and charities that offset the “carbon-intensive process of adding cryptocurrency transactions to the public ledger.” While YouTube viewers are partying, Lyons is not thrilled with the move and says it changed the rules of the move NFT game and deceived the other bidders in the auction. “I’m pretty sure this last-minute switcheroo will encourage increasingly ridiculous stunts for people to get coverage and buyers for their NFTs,” she writes. (Continue reading non-fungible token Stories.)

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