SOC Prime, an early-stage Boston-based startup that claims to have built the world’s largest threat detection marketplace, has secured $ 11 million in Series A funding.

The company will leverage the investment, led by DNX Ventures, with the participation of Streamlined Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners, to scale and accelerate adoption of its marketplace, which allows researchers to monetize their threat detection code to help security teams deter cyberattacks .

SOC Prime describes its detection-as-code platform as “Spotify for cyber threats”. This will curate threat detection content from nearly 400 researchers and allow you to embed it with your existing SIEM and XDR platforms. Currently, the platform hosts more than 130,000 detections aligned with the MITER ATT & CK framework, a curated knowledge base of known hostile threats, tactics, and techniques.

The company pays security researchers a bounty every time their content is used, and …

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