Smart Global Governance, a French company with a global reach, receives the French…


The plug-and-play cybersecurity risk management module enables organizations to:

  • Integrate information from existing software natively.
  • Encourage collaboration between teams and third parties
  • Identify governance areas where there are capacity gaps
  • Gradually strengthen the capacity, monitoring and implementation of the roadmap.
  • Get a global view of governance posture updated in real-time

Olivier GuilloCHAIRMAN:
“We are excited to add 47 cybersecurity standards to Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform to enable cybersecurity professionals and IT departments to comply with global cybersecurity standards and use their data more effectively.”

About smart global governance:
It is a software platform that helps organizations better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner, enabling them to achieve significant productivity gains, manage compliance projects faster, collaborate with auditors, and ensure ongoing compliance with various applicable regulations. .

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