SINGAPORE – Private sector security buyers shy away from results-based contracts (OBCs) due to a lack of awareness and expertise in the field, some industry players said.

OBCs focus on expected outputs and results rather than human resource requirements. They differ from traditional labor-based contracts, which use a fixed number of security guards.

This enables OBCs to offer innovative solutions that integrate both technology and job and process redesign to improve productivity and safety outcomes.

“What is missing is a more focused approach because while there have been advances in the media and the like, many private organizations are simply not aware of what OBCs can do for them,” said Dex Yuan, director of Security 4.0, a training course – and consulting companies in the security sector.

“We call for coordinated efforts by the government, the security associations and the trade union instead of individual measures.”

He spoke to the Straits Times on the sidelines of …

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