• John Matze, CEO of Parler, alleged in a lawsuit on Wednesday that Slack had “ceased serving its company.”
  • Matze alleged in a lawsuit against Amazon AWS over its decision to cut ties with Parler that Slack alleged “a violation of its own terms of use due to AWS ‘decision to drop Parler”.
  • “Losing Slack makes it extremely difficult to effectively enforce our Terms of Service with our nearly 600 volunteer and paid judges,” said Matze.
  • Big tech companies like Amazon, Twilio, Apple and Google have severed ties with Parler in the past few days. Rioters reportedly used the app last week to organize and encourage violence in the US Capitol.
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According to John Matze, Parler CEO, Slack has joined the growing list of tech companies that have refused to do business with Parler.

“Slack Technologies, which provided a chat messaging system to coordinate with the Parler jury that …

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