Ubisoft’s long-in-development swashbuckling pirate game Skull & Bones has been leaked in a big way, with a lengthy gameplay video emerging from a technical test.

The video, posted on Streamable, begins setting the game’s focus to become the most notorious pirate on the seas in the golden age of piracy. Players can disembark their ship at a location called Saint-Anne, where they can craft new ships and equipment, gather supplies, enter into contracts, and mingle with other human players, according to the video.

The video also reveals that players’ reputations are tracked using a “shame” scale, which they can increase by accepting contracts with rewards for success and penalties for failure. Users can also participate in world events and loot treasure chests to gain infamy. In addition, the video shows some of the character creation and customization options available to players, as well as the systems that prompt players to manage their ship’s health and crew morale at sea.

Ubisoft apparently responded to the leak by releasing its own official video for Skull & Bones, titled “Keep your eyes on the horizon.” Reading between the lines here, it looks like Ubisoft is gearing up to make some sort of official announcement about the game soon.

Ubisoft has historically held some sort of summer games showcase, but the company hasn’t announced any plans to do so yet.

Skull & Bones has been in development for many years and has undergone a number of changes. In 2020, Ubisoft confirmed it was moving the game to a “new vision” according to a report the Project has been restarted. May 2021 Ubisoft formally defer Skull & Bones to fiscal year 2022-2023, which runs from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

There’s one too Skull & Bones TV Show on the way. As for whether the game’s new delay will affect the TV show, Ubisoft told GameSpot: “The TV series Skull & Bones has no impact on the development of the game – and vice versa.”

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