Microsoft adds DataSense platform to Azure, with focus on education

Singapore operator Singtel and Microsoft have announced plans to launch an AI-powered IoT network over Microsoft Azure, a programmable platform that combines intelligent connectivity with the cloud for IoT. By integrating Singtel’s IoT network functions into Microsoft Azure’s core cloud capabilities, IoT applications can migrate from devices, to networks and to clouds. 

With computing powered by Microsoft Azure, the platform is also designed to tap into Azure’s cloud services, including IoT Hub, IoT Edge and other machine learning and cognitive services to extend cloud intelligence and analytics to devices. With insights-driven AI layered into the network, the platform is designed to deliver intelligence on the performance of applications and devices to power business decisions.

Enterprises can programme and leverage the platform’s intelligent IoT capabilities to implement network policy control functions. These include network on-demand; VPN on-demand; rate limiting or setting the cap on the use of an IoT device; locking an IoT device’s SIM card; blacklisting or preventing an IoT device from activating and predicting bandwidth demand.

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