SICPA, UbiQD quantum dot security technology moves closer to market


    Swiss tech company SICPA has expanded a partnership with US-based UbiQD focused on the development of security inks based on quantum dots.

    Quantum dots – also known as colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals – have “tunable” optical properties such as photoluminescence and are already finding commercial applications in devices such as ultra-high-density televisions.

    Due to their ability to emit light of different wavelengths, they are also being developed as an alternative to dyes and pigments for security features, as they are very difficult to reproduce and can be used to fight counterfeiting and strengthen security applications.

    Optical properties can be “programmed” into these materials by modifying the conditions under which they are made, resulting in different sizes, shapes, and compositions. This could give them an advantage over the current generation of security inks, whose optical spectra can be prone to reproduction.

    “This partnership with…

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