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There is a good chance you will encounter a lot of advertisements VPN services (Virtual Private Network) when visiting websites or listening to podcasts. They’re everywhere these days, thanks in part to a renewed focus on privacy and security.

VPNs have always approached gamers with the promise of privacy protection and improved performance. Let’s see if these claims are true.

What a VPN does

There are basically two types of VPNs that you will come across. The first is a corporate VPN that you get through your employer. These VPNs are encrypted tunnels that you can use to connect to your company’s network to access private resources like documents or the back end of a website.

The second type is a consumer VPN that all of these ads are for. This type of VPN is also an encrypted tunnel, but this time it creates a secure connection to a server and then to the open internet. To the rest of the world it seems like the VPN server is your …

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