July 16, 2021

Welcome back to next-gen Console Watch, our show that tracks all the news and rumors about the PlayStation 5, the Xbox series, and this week’s Steam Deck! We take a look at Valve’s newly announced handheld console and what it could mean for the competition! Is Nintendo in Trouble? Could this handheld become a de facto portable console? We’ll be discussing everything on this week’s next-gen console watch! Plus poll results from last week! 00:00 – Intro 01:03 – Valve Steam Deck Announcement and Impressions 11:03 – What Valve’s Steam Deck means for Xbox 12:48 – Does Xbox Game Pass work on Steam Deck? 3:34 PM – Should Sony be concerned about what Steam Deck is doing for Xbox? 17:58 – PS5 exclusive time with GhostWire: Tokyo delayed 19:18 – Very few PlayStation exclusives come this fall 21:51 – Poll Results & Outro &

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