When we analyzed the financial reports from hyper-converged platform maker Nutanix Thirteen weeks ago we lamented the fact that while Nutanix defined a new market and is one of the leaders in that market, it has not been able to expand its market fast enough to become a profitable company, even after being in the field for more than a year was active decade. And this quarter, in which Nutanix reported another difficult quarter, but a new partnership with longtime maker of application and server virtualization platforms, Citrix Systems, got us thinking.

Whatever is dangerous.

And the idea is simple: Should Citrix Systems and Nutanix just merge and create a more integrated and consolidated platform that makes their software more attractive to a wider range of customers. The answer could be a very skilled, Yes sir.

Not all platforms are descended from supercomputing centers or hyperscalers or cloud builders. VMware built a very respectable and elegant server …

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