Image of a blue Xbox Series X / S controller against the backdrop of the Northern Lights.

picture: Microsoft

Microsoft’s newest special edition controller for the Xbox Series X / S is called “Aqua Shift” and will be released on August 31st. Not only does it look like a moonbeam being shot through the ocean surf, but it also has a new rubberized panel that will help you keep hold of it even if your hands start to sweat. Finally no more slipped chainsaw takedowns War gears.

“Aqua Shift is the first Special Edition Xbox Series X | S controller with rubberized side handles with a unique two-tone swivel on each unit.” reads the Microsoft blog post announce it. “The textured handle on the triggers, bumpers and back ensures that you stay connected with the game no matter how intense things get.”

Front and back views of the new Aqua Shift Xbox Series X / S controller.

picture: Microsoft

I usually make fun of marketing copy like this, but I was just teasing my controller last night in the last boss fight for The door of death.

This is the third X / S series we’ve received since the consoles were released. Before Aqua Shift was Electric Volt, Daystrike Camo, Night Ops Camo and Sport Blue. And of course Microsoft recently brought back the Xbox Design Labso you can find all sorts of other custom color combinations.

However, none of these have the Aqua Shift’s additional rubber plate on each side handle. In that regard, it’s fishing in the direction of something like the Elite Series 2 without the additional price tag. Time will tell how well the rubber actually holds. Rubber issues have been reported on some Elite series controllers in the pastbut that seems to have mostly been in cases where the rubber was separated from the plastic sheet underneath.

More importantly, the damn thing looks like a controller made of melted-down glittering Hot Wheels and I love it. Every peripheral needs a glitter option, so let’s go Playstation and Nintendo, show us what you’ve got.

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