An employee user is most often an internal user within your company. Employee users may be granted a wide range of permissions and access to your account.
Creating an Employee consumes an employee license .

If you’re looking to create a user with more limited permissions and access, such as a customer or file recipient,
consider creating a Client user .


Create an employee user

Requirements for creating new employees:

  • The manage employee users permission
  • Employee users may only grant or revoke permissions that they themselves have been granted
  • Only account administrators may delete users from the system
  • An email address can only be associated with ONE user at a time. You cannot use the same email address for multiple users.


Creating employee user

Navigate to People > Manage Users Home or Browse Employees then select Create Employee. The Create New Employee screen opens.



  1. Enter your user’s email address, first name and last name. (Company is optional)….

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