The news that Jeff Bezos stepped down as managing director of Amazon and passed the baton to longtime colleague Andy Jassy gave the company’s 1.3 million employees plenty of opportunity to chat about this week.

But more than a dozen employees interviewed at different levels of the company had different views on the Amazon guard change. Current and former top and mid-level employees and engineers largely welcomed the news that Jassy would take the helm of what made Bezos a $ 1.7 trillion company. However, employees at the company’s distribution centers predicted that not much would change in their lives other than stop working for a celebrity like Bezos.

“I’m not sure his overwhelming dose of personality that he brings to day-to-day operations will still be there,” said Julia Fuller, a 58-year-old employee at a fulfillment center outside of Detroit, referring to Bezos. “I’m not sure if the people at the higher level have the same skills …

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