Shadow, the cloud computing company that brought high-end PC gaming to the airwaves, has announced Shadow Spotlight, a keynote presentation in May.

After some uncertainty and some serious business setbacks, Shadow could restart with news of an upcoming keynote presentation. The internet technology company that has developed some seriously impressive cloud gaming systems has announced that Shadow Spotlight will be available on May 18 at 17:00 CEST / 15:00 UTC / 08:00 PDT on regional YouTube, Twitch and Shadow Twitter channels.

We don’t have the full details of this presentation, but it’s heartening to see the company getting back on the scene. While we developed our own desktop-in-the-cloud product Shadow back in 2018, this offering stands out as one of the most innovative gaming platforms we’ve seen in a long time. Adding a top-of-the-line GPU, unparalleled response times, and the freedom to run a full Windows desktop through very limited…

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