The closure of Bethesda’s launcher apparently means free stuff

A few older pieces from Bethesda’s back catalog are available for free on Steam for a low, low price. Several Elder Scrolls games and one Wolfstein admission is also currently free on Steam.

The newly discovered freebie seems to be due to this Bethesda’s launcher disappears later this year. With the company’s platform for launch going under plans, its games are making their way onto Steam.

In the case of three, this means some free spins. The free Elder Scrolls and other games on Steam are:

And if that whets your appetite, two more Elder Scrolls Games are cheap on Steam:

Both are only $5.99 and ready to satisfy any retro need Elder Scrolls.

De launcher

All games will likely be released as part of the Bethesda launcher de-launch. The company recently has released some additional information about the migration all over as the switch is flipped today, April 27th.

The migration tool goes live today, allowing users of the Bethesda launcher to transfer their games, progress and funds to Steam. You need to re-download all games e.g Fallout 76 too, so keep that in mind.

Then, on May 11th, the Bethesda launcher goes dead. At this point, anyone who wants to play any of these games must do so on Steam or any other platform.

However, there are some incentives for the jump, as anyone who migrates between April 27th and May 11th will receive some rank increases Fallout 76‘s seasonal scoreboard. And honestly, it’s pretty nice to have all the games in one launcher. Fewer launchers and steps between games make it a little easier to jump into a one-off game enemy territory.

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