2.5 GbE network: setup and 1 GbE performance comparison

Tom Fenton explains how to set up and use a 2.5 GbE network card and compare its performance with a 1 GbE network card. In doing so, he notes that “the cost of the Bugaboo is in the equation”.

In 2012, Intel released its very popular i210-AT 1GbE network card, which has since become a mainstay in servers. To build on its success, Intel announced the release of two 2.5 GbE network cards in the fourth quarter of 2019: the i225-LM and i225-V.

What I found interesting about these 2.5GbE NICs is that they cost a little less than the i210-AT 1GbE NIC. The 2.5GbE NICs are starting to find their way into systems, and I’ve finally got a system with one in it. In this article, I’ll explain how to set up and use a 2.5 GbE network card, and then compare its performance to that of a 1 GbE network card.

The system I received was an Intel NUC 11 Pro. This system is designed for home, office and edge work. It includes an Intel …


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