A major highlight of re: Invent last week was the expansion of serverless computing to include a range of AWS analytics services, including Amazon EMR, Kinesis Data Streams, MSK (Managed Service for Kafka) and Redshift. For cloud analytics, AWS wasn’t the first to offer serverless options, as Google Cloud BigQuery and Azure Synapse Analytics have long offered serverless options (in contrast, Snowflake’s is still in preview).

Serverless wasn’t the only new feature announced last week. AWS also announced the preview of automated materialized views, which treats the creation of these views in a similar way to cost-based query optimizers: it automatically generates the views based on data hotspots. Even so, Serverless was in the spotlight.

While AWS’s serverless announcements might be viewed as keeping up with the Joneses, when it comes to Amazon Redshift, they’re part of a larger narrative of the data …

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