The server virtualization is the process of dividing a physical server into multiple unique and isolated virtual servers with the help of a software. These servers can run on their own operating system independently. This increases the utilization of resources and the capacity of each physical machine. It is the cost-effective way to offer web hosting services and effectively utilize existing resources in IT infrastructure. Its benefits include high server ability, cheaper operating costs, eliminate server complexity, deploy workload quicker, and others.

Major Players in This Report Include,

Microsoft (United States), Citrix Systems (United States), IBM (United States), Cisco (United States), Oracle (United States), VMware (United States), I2K2 Networks (India), PCS (United States), Huawei (China), Proxmox Servers Solutions GmbH (Austria),

Note: The report also covers a detailed chapter of the analysis on COVID-19 impact on this market at global and regional level in our final…

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