The dealerships decide that given the recent spike in break-ins and stolen vehicles, enough is enough. At least one company had to close this year after thieves stole many of their cars, keys and tracks.

Most car dealerships have security cameras, but they quickly realize that these devices do not prevent crime, only record them. What is missing is someone to monitor cameras in real time – someone who can take action when needed. For this reason, more and more dealers are switching to the new high-tech security and surveillance solutions from SentraCam for the automotive industry.

SentraCam, an advanced security camera surveillance service provider, is focused on helping dealerships protect their vehicles from vandalism and theft. The service combines electronic detection with live remote monitoring.

“This has been a bad year for retailer theft,” said Trent Giffin, president of SentraCam. “Car dealerships are leaving millions of dollars in …


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