Today many internet users give up More emphasis on protecting your privacySo they turn to tools that can protect it. Like sample VPNs, Efficient services Tunnel all traffic Between our device and servers.

This ability of VPNs (abbreviated as “virtual private network”) enables them not only in theory, but also Make our online communication anonymous, But don’t let anyone else block it. That is why they are an important tool in connecting Public WiFi networks.

However, Not all VPNs are equally effective. Sometimes they are prone to leaks. Some of our personal data can be lost during our browsing sessions.

Fortunately, there are tools that we can use to analyze how our VPNs (and web proxies and the like) are performing in protecting our privacy. Today we are going to analyze one of them: “What is leaking?” (‘What is being filtered?‘).

Let’s see what the leak is …

That gives us That is, when you type it it will display …

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