• Under the leadership of CEO Andy Jassy, ​​Amazon Web Services has grown to a business of $ 40 billion.
  • Insider spoke to over a dozen current and former employees about Jassy’s leadership style.
  • They describe Jassy as obsessed with the customer experience, with the full support of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.
  • You can find more stories on the Insider homepage.

When Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon Web Services has to make a big decision, it usually comes by chop.

Originally the name of a physical conference room next to his office at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters – short for “Charterhouse of Parma,” a book Jassy read in college – the chop was also used as a collective term for the meetings Jassy attended was present holds its main brainstorming and planning sessions.

In the chop, big ideas and sometimes employees are brought to the right size, according to the people familiar with the company.

“If you’re going to a chop meeting with Andy, you’d better be ready,” said a former senior …

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