Security researchers allege connection between Pune police and hacking campaign against…


New Delhi: Security researchers in the United States have claimed they have unearthed new evidence linking Pune police to hacking email accounts of activists Rona Wilson and Varavara Rao and Delhi University professor Hany Babu. This is the first time direct state involvement in the case has been established.

The three people are among 16 arrested in the Elgar-Parishad case. One of them died in July last year, 84-year-old tribal rights activist Father Stan Swamy from Jharkhand. In recent years, several digital forensic investigators have questioned the nature of the evidence Indian law enforcement agencies have collected from suspects’ electronic devices, with one firm finding that hackers had planted incriminating evidence on at least two arrested activists.

Now security researchers have pointed to links between the hacking attempts on three of the accused and Pune police.

“There is a proven…

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