New Delhi: Cyber ​​security researchers said security vulnerabilities found in a smartphone chip developed by MediaTek, one of the largest chipset providers that serve Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, Vivo and more, could lead to hackers Android – Eavesdropping on users.

MediaTek said all vulnerabilities have been fixed and Android users will be safe.

Check Point Research (CPR) said in a report that it identified security flaws in the MediaTek processor chip found in 37 percent of the world’s smartphones.

The vulnerabilities were found in the chip’s audio processor.

“If they weren’t patched, a hacker could have exploited the vulnerabilities to eavesdrop on Android users and / or hide malicious code,” the report said.

Tiger Hsu, Product Security Officer at MediaTek, said the company has no evidence that hackers have exploited the vulnerability.

“Regarding the audio DSP vulnerability disclosed by Check Point, we worked carefully to validate the problem and make it available to any appropriate attenuators …


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