Companies previously reported VPN problems COVID-19 tightened their use.

This is after DH2iStudy “The Pre-Pandemic State of VPNs of Virtual Private Networks”. The survey reveals the serious problems IT pros have with their VPNs, especially security.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of VPN users reported significant security concerns. Worryingly, two in five respondents (39%) said that unauthorized users had accessed their corporate network. Another 48% expressed concerns about their VPN’s compatibility with disaster recovery.

Source: DH2is “The Pre-Pandemic State of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)”

DH2i CEO and co-founder Don Boxley said respondents who were concerned about security knew it was an unprotected attack surface.

Boxley, Don_DH2i

Don Boxley from DH2i

“VPNs reveal part of the network,” Boxley said. “VPNs suffer from the inability to segment at the application level.

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