Orion Hindawi, CEO of Tanium, recently relocated the company’s headquarters to Kirkland. (Tanium photo)

Tanium co-founder and CEO Orion Hindawi may not be as well known as Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, or other Seattle area billionaires.

After all, Hindawi and his family left the San Francisco Bay Area for Laurelhurst in Seattle just a few months ago, bringing his $ 9 billion cybersecurity company to the area.

So far, Hindawi seems to be a pretty good fit, although he admits it’s an odd time to get to know a new city. He has not yet come across Seattle’s infamous “Freeze” – call it “complete junk”. And he even picked up on some new leisure interests.

“Wake surfing wasn’t in my dictionary before,” Hindawi said.

Aside from his affinity for Seattle-style activities, Hindawi didn’t hold back at an event hosted by the Washington Technology Industry Association Thursday when he asked for public order in …

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