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How do I open Scout?

On Controllers, select Start > Citrix > Citrix Scout

How do I add or remove machines manually?

Scout lists the Controllers and VDAs it discovers. Beginning with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.16, Scout allows to add/remove machines manually, such as StoreFront Servers and Provisioning Services Servers.


  1. Click + Add machine
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  2. Enter machine name.
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  3. Click Continue.
  4. To remove a manually added machine, click the red button on the right end of the row.
    Note: Only manually added machines have that button; discovered machines do not.
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  5. Click Continue to confirm removal.
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How do I collect diagnostics?

  1. On the Scout opening page, click Collect.
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  2. Select the machines you want to collect diagnostics from.
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  3. When machine verification completes, click Continue.
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  4. Review the list of machines, and click Start Collecting.
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  5. After collection completes, click Continue.
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