School safety summit pushes object and facial recognition technology, draws on…


On the same day the US Supreme Court eased the carrying of a concealed firearm, a panel including four insiders from the fields of education, security, law and biometrics debated the murky matter of limiting injuries when shooters walk through school halls .

The discussion, billed as an emergency school safety summit and sponsored by AI vision provider Oosto, was muted by moments of acrimony, particularly from participants who have worked in schools.

The message wasn’t encouraging, but the panel did have suggestions for actions they thought could reduce the toll.

The market for school security systems, particularly those using facial recognition and other biometrics, is virtually unregulated. Industry standards of any kind are few, making it difficult for administrators to compare vendors’ hardware and software.

It is also exploited by vendors selling unproven, standalone products. For the most part, school leaders are placing more responsibility on…

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