You would think that with all the time and effort scammers put into creating a scam, some of that time would be spent researching the people they are targeting to make sure there is a chance they could be actually take the bait. But apparently they are either A) too busy creating scams, B) too lazy to do some research, or C) too dumb to think this part through (I’ll take option ‘C’. Final answer).

Evansville’s Tom Bozikis is legally blind and cannot drive a car. So I can imagine him giggling when he recently received the email below claiming he had been arrested for speeding and therefore had to pay a fine.

Tri-State Better Business Bureau

Tri-State Better Business Bureau

While some scammers do a pretty convincing job of crafting an email that looks legit (I know I’ve received a few that I wasn’t sure about and asked our IT guy to take a look throw), whoever is behind this email is not. not one of them as it’s relatively easy to spot (no offense Tom) this isn’t one…


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