Say hello to decentralized VPN with Deeper Connect Mini with no monthly fees


The deal highlighted today comes through ours gear + gadgets section of Neowin Deals shopwhere you can Get the Deeper Connect Mini – Decentralized VPN. This Layer 7 firewall and decentralized VPN hardware protects all your IoT devices and online data, and allows access to all geo-restricted content. No monthly fees!

Finally, a lifetime VPN solution that just works. Pay once, no subscriptions for life! Deeper Connect Mini is the world’s only decentralized VPN (DPN) and cybersecurity hardware device that integrates an enterprise-class 7-layer firewall to protect your IoT devices! Mini enables full DPN with multi-routing, smart routing and unlimited access to content from any country without sacrificing internet speeds. DPN is not a VPN, DPN has no centralized servers, ultimate control over your own encrypted data; Mini can block ALL ads, even annoying YouTube ads!

Mini comes with a full…

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