Home security systems are a great way to ensure security when you are away from home. However, they can be expensive. Hence, good business is always welcome – and Amazon just cut the cost of one of the best home security cameras you can buy.

The Anchor Eufycam 2, currently number one on our list of “Best Home Security Cameras”, has been reduced by $ 49 for a limited time in the US. The two camera kit, which also includes a base station, is now fair $ 239.99 – that’s 17% savings compared to the list price.

(Not in the US? Scroll down for that best Eufycam 2 offers in your region.)

This isn’t the cheapest price we’ve seen for the Eufycam 2 – it dropped to $ 199.99 on Black Friday last year for the two-camera kit – but it’s still good value, though You are in the wireless surveillance camera system market.

The wireless surveillance cameras can record full HD video when motion is detected. However, what really sets this system apart is that it can be used …

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