Save 50% on mobile and PC protection with Trend Micro’s new online security offering


When it comes to choosing online security, choosing a plan with a variety of security features can usually mean raising the price bar. The good news is that with Trend Micro’s latest price drop, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get top-notch protection.

Typically, a one-year subscription costs $89.95, Trend Micro Maximum Security is now 44% off at just $49.95 (opens in new tab) for full protection of up to five devices simultaneously.

But that’s not all. TechRadar readers now have the opportunity to save an additional 10% on this already great deal simply by adding the exclusive discount code techradar10 at the checkout. For a total savings of around $45, a year of protection for up to five smartphones and PCs is a real bargain below the $45 mark.

The Maximum Security package includes a range of security features and tools to protect your devices from viruses, ransomware, online scams and malicious websites while giving you the…

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