Sharjah – A cybersecurity specialist who saved his country from potential cyber hacking has publicly called on people to increase their security to prevent them from falling for phishing and similar scams.

UAE entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed launched his global campaign to ensure the public step up their defenses and protect their digital footprint, including bank accounts and general use, with better security means.

Ahmed was hailed by the United Arab Emirates after discovering various digital failings on more than 4,000 computers in his country and quickly securing accounts and electronic systems through his Sharjah-based company.

Ahmed also rescued several families in the UAE from the threat of extortion from various hackers. In 2011 he was called to work with His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, President of the Arab Parliament, to deal with its technical affairs.

He was also the first resident of the United Arab Emirates to defeat a ransom virus and become …

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