Samsung recently added a new image sensor under its branding and named ISOCELL GN1. It is a 50-megapixel image sensor having 1.2μm pixels and the speciality is the presence of Teracell and Dual Pixel Technology together that is able to produce images comparable to 100MP image sensors’ shots.

According to the Korean brand, its new ISOCELL GN1 is capable of taking professional-grade images in almost every environment. Even in low lights, it can perform well to provide you a sharp image having less noise. That because of the usage of 4:1 pixel binning technology.

In addition, it offers DSLR-like ultra-fast autofocusing, so that you can click your precious moments quickly. For this key feature, the Dual Pixel Technology is responsible.

For the macro lenses, the GN1 sensor can utilize the ISOCELL Plus for isolating individual pixels. Due to this, macro lenses can absorb more…

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