It looks like Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, will borrow more than ever from the DNA of the Galaxy Note. A recently leaked official rendering, in fact edited by Evan Blass confirms the phone is a note in all respects except the name. Wider screen with more writing surface? Check. S Stiftsilo? Check. Flat at the top and bottom? Yes. On the back there is a camera array that closely follows the layout of the S21 Ultra.

Personally, I think the S21 Ultra was one of the boldest and best-looking phones Samsung has ever made – especially this sleek matte black version. It had the big camera hump in a way that it actually looked Well.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra gives the camera hump a unique touch.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Rand

While I’m happy to see that Samsung found space for the sensors to keep the back of the device consistent, this design is definitely a bit more boring. It looks like a Note 10 Plus or Note 20 Ultra with a redesigned camera system, but maybe that’s exactly what some Samsung fans want. Real recordings of the S22 Ultra also leaked recently, and again it looks pretty good in black.

Whatever can help boost sales of the company’s traditional phones is likely the right move. The company is happy Address the dynamics of foldable objects, but the S21 range has reportedly disappointed with its retail performance.

Based on the history, Samsung is slated to introduce the S22 family sometime in February.

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