Samsung is reportedly close to releasing a sequel Original Galaxy Buds, and there’s evidence that they can be particularly noticeable – though not necessarily a huge upgrade on the inside. 91Mobile Expectations To have press photos of the Galaxy Buds 2 showing a sleek, monochrome design instead of the two-tone look from the first time. They would also be significantly more colorful, with green and purple options in addition to the more neutral black and white options.

The charging cases will supposedly look a little familiar Pixel Buds A Carrier – the outside is plain white and the inside is the color of your choice.

Don’t expect a significant internal upgrade on par with that Galaxy Buds Pro. Previous leaks suggested that the Galaxy Buds 2 would receive active noise cancellation, but not active noise cancellation. You may find it easier to understand your music and calls, but you won’t be able to enjoy them in a cocoon of silence.

When exactly the Galaxy Buds 2 will arrive (if the report is correct) is not certain. Samsung is hosting a virtual event for the Mobile World Congress on June 28thbut let that focus on his new Wear OS experience. It could wait for another phone-oriented presentation, e.g. Whenever the buds are done, they could be a welcome upgrade if you’re immersed in Samsung’s ecosystem but just want no-frills “standard” buds.

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