Samsung teases the AMD GPU of the Galaxy S22 as a rendering leak


The Galaxy S22 Ultra, complete with S-Pen.
Enlarge / The Galaxy S22 Ultra, complete with S-Pen.

With a new year coming, new phones are coming and Samsung will be one of the first to hit the market with the Galaxy S22 series. The device should come out sometime in the next month or two so of course there are plenty of leaks to be seen.

91Mobile has the official Samsung renders of the company’s next flagship. Big news this year is that the high-end SKU, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is arriving converted to a Galaxy Note replacement and comes with an internally stowable S-Pen. Samsung killed the S-Pen-equipped Galaxy Note last year, with reports reported that the Note and S-Line were too similar and that by scrapping the slab smartphone lineup, Samsung would focus more on foldable devices. With its square design and the S-Pen present in all renders, the S22 Ultra is a Galaxy Note in everything but name.

Fans of the S-Pen will be happy, but Samsung is sacrificing some runtime for the S-Pen memory. To store a pen, there is no getting around cutting out a large part of the interior, and in 2020 the 5000 mAh S20 Ultra had 500 mAh more battery capacity than the 4500 mAh Note 20 Ultra. This year, thanks to the improved battery density, the S22 Ultra should even reach 5000 mAh with the S-Pen hole. Nevertheless, the battery could have been bigger without the S-Pen memory.

The Ultra model has single rearview camera lenses instead of last year’s big corner bump. The front camera is still a hole punch cutout, although it’s hard to see in these renders. The phone is said to still be built around a 6.8-inch 120 Hz display.

The basic model S22.  This is what the S22 Plus should look like.

The basic model S22. This is what the S22 Plus should look like.

91Mobiles has also released renders of the base S22, which seemingly sticks to last year’s design. That means the corner camera bump is returning, along with more rounded corners. The new phone is actually smaller than the previous year’s model, with a 6.09-inch display and 3700 mAh battery, compared to the S21’s 6.2-inch display and 4000 mAh battery.

In some regions, such as the USA, Samsung will be one of the first companies to introduce a device with the new flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC (Xiaomi is The first). The chip is a continuation of last year’s Snapdragon 888 and is Qualcomm’s first ARM v9 SoC. It is based on a 4 nm process and follows the ARM recommended layout with a single 3 GHz Cortex X2 core, three medium-sized Cortex A710 CPUs with 2.5 GHz and four small Cortex A510 CPUs.

These are all brand new core designs that allow high-end devices to finally retire the old A55 core that has worked with small cores for the past four years. ARM is also working on a world of 64-bit-only CPUs. Only the mid-range A710 cores this generation still support 32-bit, and next year ARM’s flagship design will only support 64-bit code.

In other regions, Samsung will ship an Exynos SoC (the Exynos 2200) in the Galaxy S22. All of the Qualcomm descriptions above will most likely also apply to Samsung’s Exynos chip, but this year the Exynos division is making a big change and Partnership with AMD for the GPU. Samsung has already started hyping this partnership and named AMD’s GPU architecture “RDNA 2” in a tweet:

Shipping an AMD Radeon GPU in a smartphone is, of course, a huge win for the marketing department, but it remains to be seen how much performance difference AMD can bring to the table. Samsung also has a tough road ahead of them as it looks like the biggest markets like the US and China are still getting Qualcomm chips and being excluded from the Radeon Hype Festival.

As the tweet says, Exynos’ big announcement will be January 11th, and we’ll see an S22 unveil sometime after that.

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