Samsung Smart TVs now have eco-friendly remotes, not eco-friendly NFTs


This week is CES 2022, and while most companies will start their product announcements tomorrow, it looks like Samsung can’t wait that long. Samsung is unveiling a number of new accessories and software features for its smart TVs, including at least one that we’re not too excited about.

First up is the New Eco Remote, which Samsung hopes will have the least environmental impact for a TV remote control. It supposedly uses a design made from recycled materials (Samsung doesn’t say how much of it is made from recycled materials), and it’s powered by a solar panel and HF harvestSo you shouldn’t need batteries. It will be available in black or white, but it is not clear whether they will be included with Samsung TVs or whether they will be purchased separately.

Samsung did not provide XDA Developers with an image of the New Eco Remote, but this is what last year’s model looked like.

Samsung also announced new features for its smart TVs. The home screen is reorganized into three main areas: Media Screen, Gaming Hub, and Ambient Mode. Media Screen gives you quick access to movies and shows from any content provider as well as content recommendations. Gaming Hub displays console and streaming games in one central location, and the ambient mode is more or less the same as the current ambient mode. Some of Samsung’s 2022 TVs will support 144 Hz 4K to complement the new gaming hub.

Samsung also has a new ‘NFT Aggregation Platform’ for its televisions which appears to be “the world’s first TV-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a breakthrough platform that lets you browse, buy and view your favorite art in one place”. . “

Screenshot of Samsung's 'NFT Aggregation Platform'

Needless to say, how absurd it is for a company to advertise an eco-friendly remote control at the same time as advertising a technology that contributes to climate changebut apparently the irony has been lost. It seems The circus is back in townbecause Samsung is acting like a clown.

In addition to heralding one of the worst technology trends in years, Samsung also announced “The Freestyle,” essentially a small portable projector powered by Samsung’s Smart TV software. It supports image sizes from 30 inches to 100 inches in diameter, but doesn’t mention brightness or pricing.

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