With all eyes on the Galaxy S21 announcement slated for today, Samsung Display has released a teaser for an upcoming laptop with an OLED display that will also feature a camera under the display. The device in question is called the Blade Bezel and will be the first product in the Samsung portfolio to bring a camera under the display. The accompanying teaser video shows the laptop and mainly focuses on its display.

The OLED panel on the Blade bezel is just 1mm thick and weighs 130 grams, and thanks to the extra screen space created by the removed bezels, a screen-to-body ratio of 93% is advertised for the laptop. We don’t get the actual dimensions of the laptop, but we do expect a slim and light ultraportable notebook.

UD camera
UD camera

UD camera • OLED panel

It is rumored that Samsung has been working on implementing a UD camera in its phones for some time. The results don’t seem to be optimal just yet, however, and it’s easier to test the water with a laptop before switching the technology to smaller form factors. After early SpeculationThe Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the first Samsung phone to launch with a UD camera later this year.

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